Indian Springs School is located in the Cascade Mountains of Northern California in a remote and isolated part of Shasta County, thirty-six miles east of Redding and an additional seventeen miles north of Highway 299E, in the community of Big Bend. Mount Shasta is located immediately to the north, and many spring-fed streams abound in the valleys and ridges that define the area. The local elevation of 1,800 feet ensures a moderate range of annual temperatures and is affected by abundant water resources. Over a period of time dating back to the 1860s, the potential for hydro-power production has been recognized along the Pit River. As a result of this resource, PG&E has constructed a series of power plants utilizing the water resources of our area. These projects are among the largest in the State of California and represent a major contribution to the tax-base that funds our district. Over the past several years, along with deregulation of the power industry has come depreciation of the hydro plants along our rivers. This has caused a major decline in the revenue base for the Indian Springs Elementary School District.

Indian Springs School is a two-teacher, one-school district housing student programs from kindergarten through eighth grade. The Big Bend area has a population base of around 200 residents throughout the year, with that figure rising during the summer vacation season. The school is the main source of pride and spirit for the community at large.

Our Mission:

To continually provide imaginative and creative teaching methods to develop the fullest potential in each student in the academic, cultural/social, and physical dimensions by a responsible and caring staff.

Indian Springs Students Believe:

1. I am capable.

2. I contribute in meaningful ways and I am genuinely needed.

3. I can influence what happens to me.