Indian Springs School will open on August 12, 2020 with a return to school for all students. All staff and students are required to wear face coverings combined with social distancing measures. 

●  Classrooms with desks will be spaced with 6 feet minimum spacing.
●  Teachers will be spaced 6 feet from students during normal instruction.
●  Bathroom students will not be allowed to loiter in bathrooms.
●  Cafeteria students will be required to maintain spacing
●  Students will not be allowed to congregate in close groups during the day. ●  Students will not be allowed to have personal contact (hug, shake hands, high five, etc.) or share personal belongings 
●  Students will not be allowed to have personal items from home (toys, stuffed animals etc)
●  No non-essential individuals will be allowed on campus. 

Enhanced sanitization protocols to include, but not limited to, the following: 

●  Face coverings required for all staff and students.
●  Custodial staff will use EPA approved sanitizer in all classrooms and surfaces on a nightly basis.
●  Custodial staff will engage in regular sanitizing during the day of “high touch point” areas as much as feasible.
●  Hand sanitizer will be provided in all classrooms for staff and student use.
●  Frequent hand washing will be encouraged for staff and students.
●  Cafeterias will be sanitized daily and throughout the day as feasible.
●  Classrooms should have as much fresh air as practicable, with open doors and windows when possible.
●  Students will be provided individual use materials as much as possible, materials that must be shared will be sanitized between uses, and students will not be allowed to share personal belongings or food/drink.

Enhanced health screenings and wellness checks to be performed by parents and school staff before school and during the school day. Staff should assess their own health and self-isolate if they are displaying symptoms or feeling ill. 

Health screenings and wellness checks to include, but not limited to, the following: 

●  Parents are encouraged to assess student’s health prior to attending school for the day and keep ill children home. 
●  Students will have their temperature check upom arrival at school 
●  Staff will do frequent wellness checks with students, specifically assessing the following symptoms:

, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Chills
 Repeated shaking with chills
, Musclepain,
, Sorethroat
, New loss of taste or smell 

●  Students or staff who are determined during the school day to have coronavirus symptoms will be isolated as soon as possible and, if applicable, parents will be contacted to remove the student from school. 

Breakfast and lunch meals provided on campus during each school day with additional social distancing measures

In addition to others, some examples of social distancing measures specific to food service: 

●  Students will be spaced out in lines when waiting for food.
●  Clear barriers will be installed between students and staff serving food.
●  Cafeteria capacities will be monitored and student seating will be spaced throughout the cafeteria.