At Indian Springs Elementary we have a very unique situation where we have a fairly hi-tech school in a very small rural town and a small amount of students.

Recently Indian Springs upgraded its bandwidth & technology to a new digital learning system that is using the latest cloud learning platform. This system allows everyone in the school to learn faster and is much more proficient while allowing each teacher/student to tailor fit there curriculum.


This new Learning Platform provides productive learning models based on exactly what the students need and also have a genuine interest for. Each student is provided with the tools to be more productive, self progressing and learning at an optimal rate based on where the student is at. Using this system provides a workflow that allows them to be truly interactive within there projects.


The new age of digital classroom technology is allowing us to build out our students ability to have access to all the latest open learning models and be able to bring in activities that otherwise would be difficult to support. Opening there minds to whats available in our world for learning.  Supporting there natural growth. Providing them with the tools of the times.

So we are excited to really grow into our new platform and really utilize its features to assist our children’s learning ability and help optimize there learning abilities and make it fun, inspiring and creative at the same time.


“Speaking of Growing” Part of our daily curriculum is they work in the on site greenhouse that produces the vegetables for there lunch program.
Indian Springs has a garden program that the kids participate in growing the very same food that they eat for lunch !



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